Excise goods warehousing

  • Loading/unloading, weighing
  • Long-term/short-term storage in the excise warehouse
  • Marking, packing and preparing for transportation
  • Labelling, marking and information sheet packaging
  • Receiving orders, sorting parcels and other goods, distribution. Expiration date monitoring
  • Imported/exported or transited cargo customs clearing services
  • Customs brokerage
  • Order management and stock administration in real-time


The new logistics warehouses that meet the highest standards are located in the vicinity of Kaunas near the Kaunas – Klaipėda motorway. A modern logistics center offers integrated services and warehouses for rent.


  • Strategically convenient location
  • Services that create added value
  • Lots of ramps for various transport
  • High quality dust-free floor covering
  • 24/7 monitored and security protected warehouses with a state-of-the-art fire protection system

3 PL services:

  • Long-term and short-term storage of goods and other freight
  • Storage of excise goods
  • Cross-checks of goods in terms of quantity and quality
  • Item selection by orders
  • Bar code labeling and packaging services

Cross-dock services:

  • Freight transshipment,
  • Transshipment with de-consolidation by destination.

Contact with us: Andrew, Director of the Logistics Center +37065753038  logistika.lt@hegelmann.com

Solutions for E-commerce

E-commerce platforms provide an opportunity to start online shops without additional skills or costs to sell on the internet. However, with increasing sales, there are new challenges:

  • Where to store the growing amount of goods
  • How to deal with complex logistics
  • How to hire additional staff to select, prepare and ship products

In many cases, this causes problems that can be avoided with the services offered by Hegelmann Logistics 3 PL. Your system can be easily integrated into our warehouse management system, and orders automatically reach our warehouse without any extra effort.
By trusting us with warehousing work, you will forget about all worries and you will be able to focus on operational management and achieving sales results.
We have implemented the most modern warehouse management systems, which will allow you not only to monitor the stocks of goods and their movement in real-time but also to place orders, from any device, in any part of the world.
We use an exclusive payment model, which allows you to pay only for the services provided without additional or hidden fees. We are perfectly adapted to the customer’s needs, so you can easily replenish the stock in the warehouse.
We are the first in Lithuania to apply a new service package to e-shop owners. This service allows you to optimize employee time for e-shop administration. We will monitor stock balances, always maintain the optimal quantity of goods and inform you about the reduced balance by recommending replenishment of stocks or, if you give us the opportunity, we will order goods from your suppliers directly to our warehouse.

Our services:

  •  Loading and unloading goods
  • Short-term / long-term storing
  • Inspecting goods
  • Selecting goods
  • Packaging
  • Labelling
  • Weighing goods
  • Managing expiration dates
  • Stock maintenance
  • Ordering goods from external suppliers
  • Delivering products from foreign countries or customer clients
  • Distribution and last-mile delivery in all of Lithuania
  • Collecting payment for services provided on your behalf

Contact with us: Andrew, Director of the Logistics Center +37065753038  logistika.lt@hegelmann.com